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Top five support queries.
My tariff/standing charges have increased and/or are too high / I am paying too much for my heat and hot water.

Energy Billing Ltd simply takes payments for energy providers, and in some cases we may provide the billing.

We do not set the tariffs and standing charges and have no control over them or responsibilty for them as we do not provide the energy being charged for..

As an owner/occupier, you will need to contact the energy provider, your housing organisation, your council or your landlord regarding pricing or provider issues.

They should be able to provide this information or explain the tariff/standing charge whereas we do not have that information available.

Who is my Heat/Hot Water, Gas, Electricity, Cold Water supplier?

Energy Billing Ltd do not supply any form of energy, gas or water. We merely take payments from our customers on behalf of our clients.

Our clients could supply directly or they might supply via a third party.

We are generally not privy to supplier information as it is of no relevance to our services. Also, the suppliers are subject to change which we would be unaware of.

If you need to contact your supplier, your Housing Association, Council, Property Manager should be your first port of call.
If we have the details for your point of contact, they are on our website when you log in, just beneath our logo, where it says "Supplier:"

To reiterate, we are not suppliers and it is unlikely we will be able to assist in matters of supply.

It is a week until I am paid and I don't have enough money to pay for any heat/hot water.

Please contact your supplier/housing association/council as a matter of urgency. If they then agree to it, we can provide an amount of credit which is then paid back by yourself at an agreed rate from any payments you make through the system until the amount is repaid.

Please note that no interest is charged on this advance. Also note that not all suppliers/councils/housing associations/etc provide this option.

Always ask your supplier/housing association/council first. We are here to help.

Do not approach other lenders for a loan to pay for your energy on our system until you have spoken to your supplier/housing association/council first.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide credit without the go-ahead from your supplier/housing association/council.

I am moving out of the property, how do I close my account?

If you are on pre-pay, you do not need to do anything unless you have a credit on the meter (not emergency). In most cases, your supplier/provider will be responsible for issuing you with a refund as payments we receive from you are passed onto them.

If you receive invoices from us then you need to contact the supplier/provider as we need to close your account and ensure you receive a final invoice. We have to be instructed by your supplier/provider to close an account. How any credit/debts are handled is up to them and differs from supplier to supplier.

Why am I being charged a standing charge? What is a standing charge?

Energy Billing Ltd simply takes payments for energy providers, and in some cases we may provide the billing. We don't set the tariffs or standing charges.
As an owner/occupier, you will need to contact the provider of your energy, or your housing organisation.

A standing charge is usually a daily charge that the supplier charges in order to cover the fixed cost of providing energy to the end user, regardless of how much energy is consumed.

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