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Frequently Asked Questions
Please see below a list of frequently asked questions that may help you out if you're having issues with your energy unit at home.
I have made a payment but it hasn't gone on to the unit.

If you can't to see the payment on your unit, we recommend that you wait an hour before contacting us.
Sometimes network traffic and general internet issues can affect how quickly your payment arrives.

A unit can also be "offline" too. In case this happens, all payments are provided with a "PIN" number.
This PIN number can be entered into your unit to provide the credit. If you need the credit urgently, try using the PIN.

The PIN doesn't work.

If the PIN doesn't appear to have worked, sometimes the credit has already gone on to the unit.
Please check the payment history to see if this is the case.

Alternatively, if your prepayment unit is a horizontal white rectangular box known as a WPM, eemonitor or Econergy-British Gas there may be another issue.
Sometimes on these units when two payments have been made in quick succession, one of them may not go on and you will get a message may display saying "incorrect PIN".
This will probably be because the payments have not gone onto the unit in the order that they were made.
The rectangular box units have a built-in security feature which will only allow the payments to go on in the order that they were made.

Similarly, if you made a payment some time ago and it didn't go on and you make a further payment you may experience the same issue as above.

To avoid this happening, please always enter PINs in the order you purchased them, with the oldest first.
If you suspect that this has happened, please contact us and we will look into it.

You can contact us on 01623 880949 or email

I have credit on my unit but cannot access heat/hot water.

If your unit is displaying positive credit (or active emergency credit) then you should be able to access heat/hotwater.

Contact your supplier/property manager as the fault in this case is likely to be boiler/pipework related (not our unit), for which we are not responsible for.

I am paying too much for my energy.

Energy Billing Ltd simply takes payments for energy providers, and in some cases we may provide the billing.

We do not set the tariffs and standing charges and have no control over them.

As the owner/occupier, you will need to contact the provider of your energy, or alternatively please contact your housing organisation.

I have a large credit on my unit, can I get a refund?

Please contact your energy provider as any monies paid to us are passed on to your supplier/provider. Generally, they are responsible for refunds.

There is a fault with the display/buttons on my unit.

If there is a fault with your display, buttons or the unit will not power up, please contact us on 01623 880949 or email and we will be able to assist.

There is a crazy reading on my unit and I have lost all my credit.

We have noted some anomalous behaviour on older heat meters that occasionally can send erroneous information to our prepayment units.
This can make the prepayment unit go into a large debt.
If this happens, contact us directly and we will reset your unit - taking into consideration any energy used in the meantime (often, the supply is not affected).
We will also contact your provider to notify them that the fault has occurred.

You can contact us on 01623 880949 or email

I made a payment of over £100 and can only see part of it on screen.

On some units, payments over £100 are split into separate payments, and only the last payment the unit received will be displayed.
You can scroll back though payments on screen.
For example, if you paid £175.00, you would likely see £75.00cr on screen. If you then scrolled back, you would see the remaining £100.00cr a few seconds before.

I have run out of credit, the PIN isn't working and it is the weekend/bank holiday.

It is for situations like this that the "Emergency Credit" is provided to you by your supplier.
Activate the emergency credit which will allow you to use heat/hot water until we are able to rectify the issue.

If you have already used the emergency credit as normal credit then we will rectify the issue when we are able to.

Do not use emergency credit as normal credit. It is there for emergencies only.

I have been put onto Universal Credit/made unemployed and this has left me without enough money to purchase heat/hot water.

Please contact your supplier/housing association/council as a matter of urgency.
If they agree to it, we can provide an amount of credit which is then paid back by yourself at an agreed rate from any payments you make through the system until the amount is repaid.

Please note that no interest is charged on this advance.

Always ask your supplier/housing association/council first. We are here to help.

Do not approach any other lender for a loan to pay for your energy on our system until you have spoken to your supplier/housing association/council first.

Why am I being charged a standing charge?

Energy Billing Ltd simply takes payments for energy providers, and in some cases we may provide the billing. We don't set the tariffs or standing charges.

Sometimes the organisation that provides housing also provides the energy to those properties.
As an owner/occupier, you will need to contact the provider of your energy, or your housing organisation.

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